My sister-in-law took us to visit a well known resort near KK, called, “Karambunai”. On our way we witness a collapsed highway due to heavy rain and landslided the night before. The collapsed caused the death of a little girl whom house was crushed at the slope bottom.

While we were inspecting the cutting slope with loose soil beneath the collapse road, Alex was interviewed by a local reporter, and the next day, her BIG SMILING PICTURE was on Daily Express, the local newspaper.


“The exposed highway shows it rested on a precipitous slope composed of a sub strata moisture-soaked clay dozens of feet deep. This deep strata of loose soil below the highway must, in turn, have been aggravated by busy traffic of heavy vehicles over a considerable period.” The paper says.

“Across the trouble spot, big cuts were also noticeable on the sides of a towering hill overlooking Salut Lagoon. There are also fresh cuts still being made along the sides of the hill – and all seem perfectly legal!”