On Thursday 22 June, my aiya brother Chyau took us to couple of interesting places around Sandakan – Sepilok (the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre), Forest Research Centre and Sandakan Crocodile Farm.

Talking about the crocodile farm, this is my second visit to this old place. It has been expanded tremendously in term of scale, variety of species and other anaimals since my last visit. The farm is also putting in 2 crocodile shows and couple of feeding time a day. The entrance fee is RM5.00 per person.

Million of crocs beneath us... yakki!

Crocodile show

Upon entering the farm, we were walking on a wooden pavement built on a structure suspanded approx. 2m from the ground, and they are hundred of crocodiles beneath us. The ground, perhaps more appropriate speaking, a huge ceimented depression to contain the crocs. We were told to walk gently on the wooden path so that we would not agitate them. Most crocs are either well or over fed and lack of exercise, they can hardly crow. Phew! Knowing this makes my heartbeats go back to normal.

Little crocs

There are some smaller cages contain individual crocs which are either physically deformed or have special history. One of them is the largest croc in the farm, with a name tag on the cage: “My name is so and so, and I used to live along Kinabatangan river. I have eaten 4 rangers, being captured and sent here for re-education. Now I am eating one chicken a day as part of my learning process.” This croc is HUGE – 700kg and 18 ft.

Besides the crocs, they are other fishes such as Lo Hon, Lei, cat fish and the gaint Arazonia from Amazona River. My favourate animal in the farm is the longest Gaint Arazonia, about 2+m in length, she was gracefully swimming round and round in the pond.

Amazona fish

Lei and cat fish are forever hungry… they followed us along their limited space hoping that we drop food for them…

cat fish - fighting for food...

LEI fish