the place where I spent my first 20 years of life…

I remember many years ago, someone asked, “You are from Sabah? Do the people there live on trees? They must be very strong to climb up and down all the time.” And I replied, “Yes indeed we do, but there are lifts which sent us up and bring us down.”

Others asked, “Sabah, not nice, right?” Well, it must be, otherwise, I would not have left the place in the first place…

I also remember a poem that I read while I was a high school student. It begins, “Sabah, is a paradize under the wind, the heaven on earth…” Sadly I didn’t fully feel the ascent of it until very recently.

My lovely home town – Sabah, was sitting on the northern part of the third largest island in the world – Borneo. If you check it up on a map, she looks like the shape of a dog’s profile. She has been through some transitions in the past decades. She was the richest state of Malaysia in the 80s, but rapidly turned into the poorest in the 90s. So far, non of her ruling government secured their seats after their second term of governing the state.